Supporters 2020/2021

OSA Fiscal Year 2020/21 (July 1- March 31*)

*This information is updated as more donations are received between January-June, 2021.
Donations to OSA support a new generation of creative Bay Area youth. OSA relies on this funding each year to make our immersive arts education possible for our students. We are grateful for the support from our families - current and alum -  who give to OSA, as well as from our corporate and foundation partners and other individual supporters in our community. The following is a list of our Supporters who have made donations to $1 and greater so far this fiscal year. 
✦- Matching Gifts
✧- Recurring Gifts 

Thank you to all of our Anonymous Donors!


LEADER'S CIRCLE - $50,000+



CrankStart Foundation 

PATRON'S CIRCLE - $10,000+

Alma Gaoaen 
Miranda Lux Foundation 
T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc. 
The Walt Disney Company Foundation ✦
Diane B. Wilsey 

CURATOR'S CIRCLE - $5,000+   

Denny Abrams
Bandcamp, Inc.
Peter Birkholz
Karima Cammell and Duncan Brown
Brie Gallagher and Derek Cedars ✦
Google ✦
Mary Krenn
Margaret Naraghi-Quattrin
The Darwish Family Charitable Fund
Alyson Weir, funds raised in Memory of Toby Weir


Autodesk, Inc. ✦
Greg and Bonnie Barme
Michael and Amy Barr
Kelli Brown and Jeff Brown ✦ ✧
Julie-Ann Cesareo and Tim Dense
Clorox Company Foundation ✦
Kim Collins and Jim Capobianco ✦
Dr. Jason and Patricia Crane ✧
Rebecca and James Eisen
Lutes and Abrons Family Fund
Elizabeth Gazzano ✦
Mary Gomes and Allen Kanner
Dr. Susanna Gordon and Eli Rotenberg, in Memory of James P. Gordon
Natasha Haugnes and John Tuttle
Naila and Ryan Jenson
Chris and Lilly Krenn
Leo and Rebecca Levenson
LinkedIn ✦
Elizabeth Lyons and Jeff Thompson, in Memory of Judy Callaghan Lyons ✧
Nancy Malone and Bruce Brubaker
Henry Massie and Bridget Connelly Massie
Mary Mathaisell and Scott Johnson
Karen M. McClinchey and Bartosz M. Jaworski ✦
Anne McSilver ✦
Milica Mitrovich and John Missing
Michele Pred and Scott LeRoy Morlan ✦
Cynthia and Jason Reimann
Michelle Sicula and Ruben Sundeen
Tesha Stone
Pouneh and Lorenz Trockle
Kimberly S. and Michael P. Walsh
Dr. Dianne Rush Woods and Eiji Miura

VIRTUOSO CIRCLE - $1,500+        

Yasmin Anwar and Thomas Levy
Shoshana Bianchi-McElwee and Paul McElwee
Broadridge Financial Solutions ✦
Amanda Brown-Stevens ✧
Jessica and Chuck Carlson ✦
Michael and Christine Chen ✦
William and Lafi Liz Conway
Jonathan and Jackie Dharmapalan
Peter and Milannie Domingo
Jeffrey Eckber
Elisa Edwards
Romy Falck and Julian Fountain ✧
Carla and Patrick Feely ✧
Eifler Morello-Frosch Fund
Drs. Lorie Franks and Annemary Martinez Franks
Mark Frey and Chikako Naito
Jane Greenberg and Albert Dicruttalo
Heidi Hartston and Paul Epstein
Henry Massie Family Charitable Trust
Miya Hirabayashi and Jordan Virbalas
Dr. Amy Huang and Dr. Will Courtenay
Mumtaj Ismail and Ryan Murray
David Jeffrey Keller
Kelly Kilpatrick and Jay Skelton
Siddharth Kiyawat
Janine Kovac ✧
Evie Ladin & Keith Terry
Lam Research Corporation ✦
Michael Lande and Heidi Brueckner
Cindy and Thomas Lawrence
Tom Malarkey and Nicole Newnham ✧
Jaime Maldonado and Cindy Ng ✧
Katherine Marx and Carl Stein
Mick and Cindy McCaffrey
T.L. McMillian-Lipner and Matt Lipner
Karen and Juan M. Morfin
Albert and Shauna Olson Hong
Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation Foundation ✦
Dalton Reddic
Debra and Daniel Roisman
Josh and Anita Rotenberg
Katherine and Joseph Ruiz
Jodie Ruland and Brian Linde ✧
Robert Russ ✦
Carole Ruwart and Kim Kinna ✧
The Colt Family
Catherine Siegle and Hans Christensen
SiriusXM ✦
Lila Sklar Harrison and Benjamin Conrad
Amy Smith and Michael Harrison
Daryl Smith, in Honor of Sage Smith and David Smith
David Smith, in Memory of Krista von Blohn
Genoa and Jason Sperske
Mark Sutro and Mia Honoré
Toshihiko Takeuchi
Heather and Mark Thornsley
Belinda Tibbitts
Hagen and Vanessa Tilp
Jenny Wong-Stanley
Karen Wood O'Connell and Daniel O'Connell


Shannon and Rob Adkins
Adobe Systems, Inc. ✦
Jo Ann Aita and Jason Lockwood
Mireya Albarran and Daniel Sanchez-Glazer, in Honor of Omar Sanchez-Albarran
Atlassian, Inc ✦
Lisette Bahamondes and Blaine Torpey ✧
Bank of America ✦
Theresa Bartolero and Dag MacLeod ✧
Juliet Bashore and Chris Walker
Vergia Baty and Denise L. Norris
Michael Baus and Lorraine Dillon
Julie and Jon Boe
Brian Bolick ✦
Steven Borg ✧
Edmund Bray ✦
Betty Jane Bray
Aaron Hichman and Elena Brignole-Hichman
Betty and Phil Chang
Chevron Humankind ✦
Donald and Sarah Closson ✦
Erin Collom
Ashly and Adam Cooper, in Honor of The Cradle Will Rock
Theodore J. Cornelius-Adkins and Theodora Adkins
CSAA Insurance Group ✦
Alex and Haleh Cunningham ✦ ✧
Donna De Souza ✦ ✧
Laura and Joshua DeLeon
Dell Technologies ✦
Annette and Christopher Dinsmore
Baby Djojonegoro ✧
William Dougherty
Fawn and Thomas Downs
David Drabble
Justin Eckhouse
Justina Michelle and Don Emley ✧
Angela and Dan Engel ✧
Rebekah Evenson and Dimitrios Kambouridis
Claudia Flores de la Cruz ✧
Randi Gallenson
Dara Geckeler
Peter Geckeler
Gilead Sciences, Inc. ✦
Timothy Golden ✦
Dorothy Graham
Donald P. and Iris B. Greenberg
Fiona Grigg and John Connelly
Ruth and Marc Halpern ✧
Dandelion Harris
Charlie Harrison
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. ✦
Annie Hope and Mark Csikszentmihalyi
Wei-Ling Huber ✧
Lana and Andrew Hurteau
Jeff Issenberg ✧
Rajesh Jagannathan and Heather Macbeth ✦
Penny James
Holly and James Jansen ✧
Sven and Karin Jensen ✦
Teresa Jimenez ✦ ✧
Pramod and Maria Joshi
Ivy Kam ✦
Kathryn Kark
Catherine and Chad Kassirer ✦ ✧
Susan Ketchner and Ben Schwartz ✧
Erica and Dan Kolodny ✧
Lorelei Komery
Meghan and Ryan Lamberton
Chanthal Lasso and Kwabena Stewart ✧
Courtney Little ✧
Stephanie Losee ✦


Alexander Abajian and Juniper Bauch
Charisma Acey and Adam Otokiti, in Memory of Richard 'Jay' Acey ✧
Maria Ahverdyan
Amanda Alba and Shawn Davis
Josefina Alvarado-Mena and Emilio Mena
Applied Materials ✦
Mally Arad and Sally Emeson
Quinese Atkins and Deitra Moore-Atkins
Natalia Aurrekoetxea and Stefan Galvez-Abadia ✧
Mónica Avila
Naomi Azriel
Chiemeka Azubuine
Azaria Bailey-Curry and Malhilk Seals
Tiffany Banks
Adrienne Barnes
Deborah L. Barsotti and Manveen Khera ✧
Nikki Bas and Brad Erickson ✧
Claudia Bastias and Helder Pinto
Tracey Beckford-Ortega and Omar Ortega ✧
Clarence Berger-Greer ✧
Joshua Beth
Trudy Bieck
Binti, Inc.
Diane and Noel Blankman
Wendy Boucher
Kris Bradburn and Jolie M. McRae
Jasmine Brown and Concesi Civela Iyanvwa
Anna Burrell ✦ ✧
Carmen Bush ✦
Crystal Buss and Chad Washam ✧
Charlie and Deano C
Margie Callado and Jannel Ray
Salim Catrina
Steve Chabon
Daniel and Victoria Chapman
Charles Schwab Foundation ✦
Tammy Cheney
Brenton Cheng and Terese Gjernes
Hyun Joo Chung and Darren Kim
Betsy Clark
Sharon Coan
Leah Cohen-Mays, in Honor of Ciena and Ava Brooks
Timothy P. and Barbara B. Colt
Margaret Connors, in Memory of Krista von Blohn
George and Marti Cooper ✦
Elaine Olson + Pleasanton Pals
Pam and Mike Crane
Andrea Crane, in Honor of Chloe Crane
Heidi Cregge Cabra
Dr. Sandra Curtis, in Honor of Meirav Roisman
Judith Daddio
Naomi Davis, in Memory of Toby Weir ✧
Kristopher Davis ✧
Elaine Olson + Pleasanton Pals
Corinne DeLuca
Brenda Dennis
Martin Dense
Anna DeRoos
Lisa Diamond and Carl Easterday
Andrea and Jay Dodge
Kim and Shane Donahue
Carol Donovan
Robert C. and Diane Douglass
Jeffrey and Romy Douglass, in Honor of Zendaya's OSA Teachers
Richard Dry, in Honor of Dakota Dry ✧
Teri Duff and Nate Bennett
Eisenmann Architecture
Scott and Bradee Evans
Jennifer and Edward Farrell
Claudia Florian-McCaffrey and John McCaffrey
Edrina and Sammie Flowers ✧
Deirdre Fogarty and Les G. Harris
Nancy Forsberg
Mark Foxton ✦ ✧
Kerri Fredrick
Kim Friedman
Thomas and Lori Bonn Gallagher
Heather and Andrew Gersh
Shea and Eric Gilbert
Gillian Gillette and Luis Valdez
Katherine Alice and David Anthony Gillman
Jack Gipsman
Carolyn Goldstein, in Honor of Ilan Casian-Issenberg
Roger Gould and Cathy Wagner ✦
Leigh Anne Gray
Sharon Green
Kisha and Severan Grove ✧
Anna Gruver and Marcia Raymond
Eugenia Guruwaya-Foon and Brad Foon, in Memory of Neel Foon
Elaine Olson + Pleasanton Pals
David Harris
Jill Hartman and Timothy J. McMahon
Amalie Hazelton and Scott Hewitt ✧
David Hillman and Elizabeth Pauw
Sherron Hogg
Persis Howe
Kook-Ching Huber
Elaine Olson + Pleasanton Pals
Claudia Hung-Haas and Jengiz Haas
Charles Idelson
Amy and John Inouye ✦
Antoine and Benny Jude Isla
Elena Izakson and Anatoly Pyatetsky
Debra Jackson
Melinda Jackson and Abdul Kargbo
Stacey and Erin Janoff
Celeste and Paul Jennings ✦
Linda Johnson
Mawiyah Johnson ✧
JP Morgan Chase & Co. ✦
Faith and Karume Jumal
Andrew Junge, in Honor of Kathryn Keslosky
Colorado Kagan and Mitchell Costanza
Laurel Katz
Melody and Christopher Kearney
Kathryn Keslosky ✧
Keiko Kanayama and Furkan Khan
Julie Kleinman and Mewail Berhe
John Kolkhorst
Yvonne Kolodny
Kimberlee Koym-Murteira
Jacqueline Kramer
Catherine Kuzmeski
Malina Lake and Michael Short
Joni Luce and Anthony Baraceros
Gloria Brizan Lucero
Lillian Lujan ✦ ✧
Linda and Donald Malone
Melanie and Benjamin Marcus
Kathryn Massie
Pamela Mayer and James Zoeller ✦
Kate McCarthy and Jeanne Sharkey
Vincent and Bettina Minoue
Danielle D. and C. Scott Morse
Jessica Natkin and Blair Biddle
Rolf Nelson and Maria Grazia De Angelis Nelson ✧
Kristina Nelson
Casey Ng and Peiying Hsieh
Christine and Jeffrey Nygaard
Danielle and Calvin Watson
Omar Ortega
OSA Facebook Donations
Frank Oznowicz
Jennifer Parker
Hua Peng
David Pepper
Carl Pezold and Olga Sanzheeva-Pezold, in Honor of the OSA School of Dance
The Geballe Family, via Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
PlayStation ✦
Mary Powell and Adam J. Messinger
Jean-Francois Racine and Anne Hebert ✧
Efrat Rafaeli and Charles Doell, in Memory of Father Yaakov
Jennifer Raven-Harris ✦ ✧
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals ✦
Wendy Renz and Healah Rose ✧
Jennifer Rinna-Hildreth and Casey Hildreth ✧
Ross Gives Back ✦
Mindy Rousseau and Efren Franco ✧
Sham Saenz
Joel Saint-Cilien
Aida Salazar and John Santos
Salesforce Foundation ✦
San Francisco Ballet
Marinella and Omar Sanchez ✦
Jonathan Schainker and Amber Doyle
Gretchen Schuessler and Richard Danielson ✧
Eric and Mischelle Schweickert
Susan Sekler and Greg Gurnick
Shizue Seo and Andrew Williams
Marcia Shiekds and Gregory Hodge, in Memory of Bobbie and David Hodge Jr.
Jeff Sloan
Janeen Smith-Mesa and Luis Mesa ✧
Michael W. and Margaret J. Stebbins
April Stevenson
Kacie and Steve C. Stratton
Lisa Surman and Shari Oren
Renee and Lance Swanson
T-Mobile ✦
Nimaljeet K. and Cesar H. Tarango
Abbey and Aaron Taunton ✧
TIAA Financial Services ✦
Nicolas Urrea
Christy and Ignacio Vaca ✦
Beth Vandervennet and Tim Carless
Visa Matching Gifts ✦
Alexsandra and Dewayne Walton ✦
Rhush and Alex Wanigatunga ✧
The Tozer Family ✦ ✧
Molly Wood
Athena Xenakis and Christopher Burrows, in Memory of Annie Layne
Farzana Yaqubi
Sarah Young ✧
John Zorko
Jennifer Lambert ✧
Robert Larson
Garald Lawrence
Levi Strauss & Co. ✦
Dennis Lewenthal, in Honor of Max Blankman
Gina Lewis and David Lee
Qi Yun Liu and Wai Hung Pang
Shannon Long and Philip Jackson
Elaine Olson + Pleasanton Pals
Anna Maria Luera and Tommy James Shepherd, Jr.
Susannah Mackintosh and Rolando Luciano Morales
Velibor Mandic and Anita Sulimanovic ✧
Manulis Martin
Steven Marylander
Hisae Matsuda and Robert Wade-Erickson
Katherine Matsudo Houk and Stephen Houk
Nelson and Mika Max
Joan and Carl Mayer
Marilyn McCabe
Kenneth and Yulia McCall
Judith McCord
Frank and Catherine Mercurio
Lia Mezzio, in Honor of The Inaugural Class
Erik Miller and Dinah Mattick
James and Natalia Milner
Katya Min and Paul Kim
Jesse and Nicole Mincin ✦
Myra Mitzman and Richard Doty
Roberto Montoya ✦
Shannan Moulton
Ronald Muhammad and Nicole Wilkins
Stephanie and Jeff Murray
Nicole Neditch
Michelle and Gary Noble
Chiyo Nukaga and Richard Jacobus
Lisa Oberg and Scott Marshall Cohen
Onto Innovation, Inc.
Jason Overton ✧
Jenny Oznowicz
Sofia Palumbo ✧
Jing Pang
Janis Parsons
Crystal Paschel
Clodualdo R. and Corazon E. Pascual
Lawrence Patrick
Mara and Steve Penny
Herivelto and Maria R. Pereira ✧
Marina Perez-Wong
Jeffrey Perlstein and Paola Zuniga
Rebecca Potter
Kally Price and Robert Reich
Carin and Robert Ramsey
Jennifer Raven
Mar Rem Remington
Carly and Michael Reynolds ✧
Patrice Reynolds
Richard and Margaret Roisman
Chairman Morey Riordan
Rebecca Rizzetta
Kristin Robson
Ruben Rohde and Elizabeth Flanagan
Alvin B. Rosenblum D.D.S. and Nancy Rosenblum
Jennifer Russ ✦
Valerie Salley
Jamilah Sanchez and Esau Sanchez-Diaz ✦
Maria Sarriegui Perello and Edward Simon
Janine Saunders
Mela Saunders
Tracy Sawyer ✧
Shelby Winkler and Mary Schmidt ✦
Lori Schnall and Lloyd Silberzweig
Margaret Schultz and Brian Z. Lewis
Sara and Josh Sens ✧
Sarah Shanley and Robert Hope
Bonnie and Paul Shea
Sarah Shores ✧
Nicole Silver
Ingrid Simone Patrick
Sherdella Sims
William Skeen ✧
Karen Smith and Jordan Shapiro
Cristina Snider
Jennifer Sorensen
Russell W. Southall and Valda Earl-Southall
Kate Stern
Cynthia and Greg Stewart
Thomas Stone ✧
Mario Suarez and Hana Mendoza
Chel Svendsgaard ✧
Nafissa Tayebi and Gary McCoy
Jennifer Taylor
Donna Terazawa and Robert J. Deustch
Aaron Terrell and Amber Richardson
Sue Tico and Ben Silbelus
Lindsay Tiles and Josner Simon Tiles ✦
Lana Tillis ✧
Bob Tinsman and Melinda De Jesus, in Honor of Staci Smith
Robert and Lynn Tobias
Joie Toscano
Marina Tovar and Marc Jaeger
Phu Tran
Jora Trang and Naru Kwina ✧
Matthew Travisano ✧
Holly Trejo ✧
Jane Tuttle, in Honor of Oliver Tuttle
Carmen Velasquez
Elaine Olson + Pleasanton Pals
Verizon Wireless ✦
Brittany Walker Pettigrew
Elaine Olson + Pleasanton Pals
Glynn Washington and Annie Campbell Washington
Dr. Geoffrey Watson and Carolyn Watson
Denise and David Weinstein ✧
Carolyn Wetzel
Thomas E. and Judith Willging ✧
Christine Willging and Dennis Finnegan
Iris and Ronald Williams, in Memory of Janice May Williams
Jane Williams ✧
Michele and Alfred Williams
Williams Sonoma ✦
Vanessa Wilson
Elaine Olson + Pleasanton Pals
Lizhen Yang and Hawkin Chan
Alan Young
Ondine Young
Keo Zaiger