Supporters 2018/2019

OSA Fiscal Year 2018/2019 (July 1 - June 30) Supporters

Donations to OSA support a new generation of creative Bay Area youth. OSA relies on this funding each year to make our immersive arts education possible for our students. We are grateful for the support of many families in our OSA community, Foundations, and  Corporations. The following is a list of our Supporters who have made gifts of $500 and greater. 

* Matching Gifts
# Recurring Gifts

President's_Circle_-_$100,000+ Card IconPresident's Circle - $100,000+Top of Page

Lytton Rancheria of California

Leader's_Circle_-_$50,000+ Card Icon
Leader's Circle - $50,000+
Top of Page

Arthur Rock and Toni Rembe Rock

Benefactor's_Circle_-_$25,000+ Card IconBenefactor's Circle - $25,000+Top of Page

Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman 
Gilead Sciences Inc.
Moss Foundation
Bank of America

Patrons_Circle_-_$10,000+ Card IconPatrons Circle - $10,000+Top of Page

AB&I Foundry
Alma Gaoaen
AT&T California
Belinda Morris and Tony Brunello*
Carl & Jimmy Lou Westcott
Denny Abrams
Gass Entertainment
InterPacific Group, Inc.
Kaiser Permanente
Kelli Brown*#
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Miranda Lux Foundation
Phoebe Snow Foundation
Resnick Family Foundation
Sharon and Christophe Le Duy
Susan & Moses Libitzky
T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.
The Barrios Trust
The Bicycle Casino, LP
Walmart Stores, Inc.
Westcott Foundation

Curator's_Circle_-_$5,000+ Card IconCurator's Circle - $5,000+Top of Page

Adam and Deidre Abrons
Alex and Haleh Cunningham*
Bandcamp Inc.
Continental Development Corp.
Diane B. Wilsey
Elissa Berall and Carl Gaard
Elizabeth Ruhland and Joshua Miele#
Frances Hellman and\ Warren Breslau
Heather Siglin and Maurice William Osser*
Jennifer and Robert Russ
John and Marcia Goldman Philanthropic Fund
Jonathan and Jackie Dharmapalan
Karen Dufilho-Rosen and Dan Rosen
Karima Cammell and Duncan Brown
Kim Collins and Jim Capobianco
Martijn Cohen and Valerie Hamill
Matthew and Jennifer Crossland
Milken Family Foundation
Mr. Warren Breslau
Peter Sullivan Associates, Inc.
Philippa Roberts-Porter and Brian Porter
Phillip and Jessica Tagami
Pixar Animation Studios
Scott and Bradee Evans*
The Clorox Company Foundation
Visual Supply Company
Wells Fargo Foundation
Zenith Insurance Company


Leadership_Circle_-_$2125+ Card IconLeadership Circle - $2125+Top of Page

Abby and Ariel Klein#
Aerial Contrivance Workshop#
Albert Dicruttalo
Albert Hong and Shauna Olson Hong
Allen Kanner and Mary Gomes
Amaral Knowles Family
Anna Bahnson
Anne Ashbey and Louis Pierotti
Anne McSilver*
Bank of the West
Becky Pizer and Eric Ettlinger
Bill Graham Supporting Foundation
Brian and Elizabeth Draper
Buddy James#
California Bank & Trust
Charmain Harrison and RJ Harrison
Chris and Lilly Krenn
Chris Stubbs and Sandy Swing
Danine Diew
David and Stacy Eisenmann*
David Hillman and Elizabeth Pauw#
Deidre T. Martin and Peter Yaroschuk
Dr. Dianne Rush Woods#
Dr. Jill Foley and Tom E. Zakim
Dr. Katya Gerwein and Joel Gerwein
Dr. Lorie Franks and Annemary Franks#
Dr. Sonja Poole and Damone Poole#
Dr. Susanna Gordon and Eli Rotenberg
Foster Interstate Media, Inc.
Gary Spenik and Dr. Deborah White
Guthrie Dolin
Henry Massie and Bridget Connelly Massie
Igor Gasowski
Isbrand Ho
James and Ruth Marks
Janeen Smith Mesa and Luis Mesa
Jasmine Brown and Concesi Civela Iyanvwa
Jason and Patricia Crane#
Jean-Francois Racine and Anne Hebert
Jeffrey and Romy Douglass*
Jessica Natkin and Blair Biddle
Jessica Strick and Erik Thogersen
Joel Muchmore and Debra Glass
Josh and Anita Rotenberg
Josh Evju
Julie-Ann Cesareo and Tim Dense
Katherine Marx and Carl Stein
Lila Sklar Harrison and Benjamin Conrad
Lisa and Nicholas Triantafyllos
Mally Arad
Marcus Hibser and Kelly Tabor
Margaret McAdam and Charles Stilphen
Mark Lecker
Michael Barr
Michael Hedrick and Julie Glass
Michael Lande and Heidi Brueckner
Michelle Sicula and Ruben Sundeen
Milica Mitrovich and John Missing
Ms. Elise Darwish
Ms. Theresa Mak and Brandon Garibaldi
Naila and Ryan Jenson#
Nancy Ferris
Nancy Malone and Bruce Brubaker
Natasha Haugnes and John Tuttle
Nelson and Mika Max
Paul Greyson#
Pilar Strutin-Belinoff and Adam Feldman
Randi Gallenson
Romy Falck amd Julian Fountain
Steve Allen#
Sven and Karin Jensen*
T.L. McMillian-Lipner and Matt Lipner
Teresa Taylor and John Metellus
Valerie Casey*
Videl Montgomery

Virtuoso_Circle_-_$1500+ Card IconVirtuoso Circle - $1500+Top of Page

Adam Dana Blankman
Astrid Broberg#
Brian Leonard and Eli Olson*
Brian Linde and Jodie Ruland
Bright Research Group#
Carla and Patrick Feely#
Christine Chan and Peter Chung#
Cynthia and Jason Reimann
Daphne Wilkerson#
David Eifler and Rachel Morello-Frosch
Debra Roisman
Donna and Jody De Souza
Dr. Michael De Rosa
Elizabeth Lyons and Jeff Thompson
Elizabeth Moody
Ellen and Martin Klein
Elliot Beaudoin
Eric and Pamela Trawick
George Lucas Family Foundation
Jaime Maldonado and Cindy Ng#
Janine Kovac#
Jeffrey Eckber
Jennifer and John Lyell
John and Amy Inouye*
Karen M. McClinchey and Bartosz M. Jaworski
Marisa and Ernest Johnson*
Mary Krenn
Mitch Tobias
Nimaljeet and Cesar Tarango
Peter Domingo
Rebekah Evenson and Dimitrios Kambouridis*
United Nations Foundation
Valerie Chan
William and Sherrie Millichap Family

Artisan_Circle_-_$500+ Card IconArtisan Circle - $500+Top of Page

Aaron Terrell and Amber Richardson#
Aida Salazar and John Santos
Alessandra Mortola
Alisha Blau and Eric Braun#
Amalie Hazelton and Scott Hewitt#
Amanda Brown-Stevens#
Andi Yannone
Andrea and Jay Dodge
Angel and Scott Clifford
Angelica and Eric Matsuno
Ann Kawamoto
Anna Gruver and Marcia Raymond
Anna Kartavenko
Asonda Adams#
AVT Integration Inc
Barbara and Tom McCollum
Benjamin Doyle and Anna Kingsley#
Brandon Weir#
Brenton Cheng and Terese Gjernes#
Brook Seaton
Carin Ramsey and Robert Ramsey#
Carly and Michael Reynolds#
Catherine and Frank Mercurio
Catherine Payne and Thai Nguyen
Christina Moraes and Evan Reeves#
Christine and Jeffrey Nygaard
Christy and Ignacio Vaca
Claudia Florian-McCaffrey and John McCaffrey#
Claudia Hung-Haas and Jengiz Haas
Daniel and Victoria Chapman#
David Smith
Denise and David Weinstein#
Dominic Willsdon and Moriah Ulinskas#
Donny and Sarah Closson*
Dr. Geoffrey Watson and Carolyn Watson
Elizabeth Tucciarone#
Emma Coleman
Engine Works Inc.#
Erica and Dan Kolodny#
Fawn and Thomas Downs
Fiona Grigg and John Connelly
Gay Luster and Omega Brooks
Greer Smith Colbert & George Colbert
Greg Gutbezahl
Gretchen Schuessler and Richard Danielson#
Heather and Andrew Gersh#
Herivelto and Maria Pereira#
Howard Mah and Agnes-Trinh Le
Ian Swinson#
Ivan Serdar
Jane Henderson and Kevin Shea#
Jason and April Wexelman
Jeff and Lynn Glick
Jenna and Chris Bates#
Jennifer and Greg Tatem
Jennifer and Ruben Vazquez*#
Jessica and Lee Steward#
Jo Ann Aita and Jason Lockwood
John Drees and Isa Stamos
Joni and Anthony Luce
Jora Trang and Naru Kwina#
Joshua Pearl and Sophina Vong#
Juliet Bashore and Chris Walker
Karen Eisenberg and Marc Shaffer
Kathryn and Andrew Danish
Kathryn and Bruno Kark
Katy Nunez-Adler and Jorge Nunez#
Kisha and Severan Grove
Kris Nelson and Robert Jones
Krystell Guzman and Tony Beaman
Larene and Frank Pare
Laurence Pelosi
Leah Lampley and Homayoun Saffarian
Leslie Carlson Vaughan
Lillian Lujan*#
Louise Coleman
Lubica Hanacek
Marc and Leslie Duchesneau
Margaret and Paul Salop
Margie Callado and Jannel Ray
Maria del Mar Damany and Udayan Damany
Mariaelena and Christopher Quale#
Mary Monroe and John Nakama#
Mary Moran
Mary Powell
Michael Baus and Lorraine Dillon
Michele and Jason Blackwell
Mindy Rousseau and Efren Franco#
Mrs. Roselyne C. Swig
Naama Raz Yaseef and Ofer Raz
Natalia Aurrekoetxea and Stefan Galvez-Abadia#
Natalie and Ronnie Chriss*
Nicole Jurjavcic
Nicole Newnham and Thomas Malarkey
Nicolette Bot-Sommer and Bob Sommer
Ole's Waffle Shop
Olga Sanzheeva-Pezold and Carl Pezold
Peter and Evelyn Lee
Preventive Care Pathways
Red Dog Retreat#
Regina Myers
Richard C. Barker
Robert and Debra Sopkic#
Roger Gould and Cathy Wagner
Rolf Nelson and Maria Grazia De Angelis Nelson#
Ruth Greenberg#
Sarah and Mark Bradley#
Sarah and Nathan Stephens#
Sarah Brody-Kaplan*
Sarah Young#
Sergio De La Torre#
Shahab Laal
Sherna Perez and Jose Perez Valls#
Stephanie Eckhaus and Colleen Sanford#
Stephanie Losee*
Steven and Betsy Borg#
Steven and Janet Runyan#
Susan Ketchner and Ben Schwartz#
Tami Driver and Evan James Palmer#
Taoming Gan
Tara and Marc Runyan
Tara De Rosa#
Thomas Levy
Thomas Wynveen*
Tom Malarkey and Nicole Newnham#
Trudy Brown and Erich Metting Van Rijn#
Valerie Le and Binh Truong
Velibor Mandic and Anita Sulimanovic#
Vincent and Bettina Minoue
Wei-Ling Huber#
William Hughes
Yasmin Anwar