Student Safety and Wellness

Current policies and procedures related to student safety:
Please note, these excerpted policies and procedures are currently under review to ensure they are up to date. Amended policies will be uploaded following board approval. 
Resources for students:
Many resources such as Incident Reports, Counseling, and Mental Health & Wellness information can be found on the OSA Student & Family Resources Website.  This page is updated regularly and includes How can I get support on campus? form which includes OSA counseling information. We also offer a quick summary of resources here. We encourage you to share any concerns with an adult you trust or are comfortable with who will be able to direct you to the appropriate person/resource.
How To Report Sexual Harassment or Abuse:
    1. Any student who believes that they have been subjected to sexual harassment by another student, an employee, or third party who has witnessed sexual harassment is strongly encouraged to report the incident to a teacher, an administrator, or other available school employee. An investigation will be conducted that will include the Dean of Students (student-related) and the Principal (employee-related), as well as a Title IX investigator. 
    2. An OSA Incident Report Form can be submitted directly to the Dean of Students who will distribute the complaints to the appropriate person(s) for investigation. 
    3. Complaints can also be accepted through an online portal. These complaints will go directly to an outside third-party investigator. 
    4. Students may tell a teacher, administrator, or other trusted adult on campus that they would like to file a complaint. All OSA employees are mandated reporters who have cleared a Department of Justice background check. Each OSA employee completes a required four-hour annual training course and exam which covers the responsibilities of being a Mandated Reporter.