Thank you for your interest in Oakland School for the Arts! 

Oakland School for the Arts is a free, public school chartered by Oakland Unified School District. OSA does not discriminate in admissions on the basis of academic history, academic preparation, citizenship, color, creed, English proficiency, ethnicity, disability, gender expression, gender, home language, home living situation, immigration status, learning differences, national origin, parental/guardian marital status, political affiliation, race, religious or spiritual practice, or sexual orientation.

Students are entered into OSA's enrollment lottery based on an audition. The audition is designed to identify students with demonstrated interest, aptitude and potential in one of nine art forms. The audition evaluates artistic skill & potential; academic grades are not a factor.

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  • Applications to audition for OSA are accepted starting October 1, 2019 for the 2020-21 school year. The last day an application may be submitted is December 13, 2019.
  • Fee: There is no fee to submit an application.
  • Application: All information on the application must be complete, current, and accurate. The parent or guardian must sign the application in order for the student to audition. The application deadline has passed for the 2019-20 academic year.
  • Siblings: A sibling with the same home address as an OSA student who will be attending the same year is given priority consideration. However, siblings must also pass the audition and space has to exist in their program/grade level.
  • Confirmation: Be sure you receive an emailed auto-response confirming that your application has been submitted.
NOTE: We accept applicants from all over California but give priority to Oakland residents. Please see the Oakland Residence guidelines for more information on verifying your Oakland residency status at the time of your application. Oakland School for the Arts gives a preference in admissions to pupils who are currently enrolled in the local elementary school that OSA is relying on to meet the Charter School Facility Grant Program Free and Reduced Priced Meal requirement, and to pupils who reside in the elementary school attendance area where the charter school site is located. 

Please follow the enrollment process and procedures described on the following pages carefully. All steps and deadlines in the application process are required for enrollment. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS CANNOT BE CONSIDERED.