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Oakland School for the Arts

Oakland School for the Arts

Internal Transfers Information

This page is for current OSA students who wish to switch artistic sub-pathways. 

OSA Arts Sub-Pathway Transfer Process (2024/25)

  • Audition requirements by sub pathway are available here
  • Students complete the Arts Pathway Transfer Request form.  Students must use email to complete the form. Deadline to submit form is January 17, 2024

Overview and Dates 

Auditions: Wednesday, January 31, 2024. between 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm.*
*Check pathway requirements for portfolio deadlines required by January 24th. 

Basic Transfer Requirements:  if you do not meet these requirements, you may not be eligible to transfer.

  • Students attend all current arts classes daily and complete assignments. 
  • Conduct and engagement in the current pathway reflects student’s commitment to the arts program at OSA.
  • Students are scored using a common rubric.
  • Once offers are accepted or declined, students cannot change until the 25/26 school year.

If you indicated on your transfer form that you wanted to shadow your desired arts sub-pathway and meet the basic transfer requirements, you will be contacted with the date and time of your shadow. Shadowing is not required.

Questions about the Audition Requirements 
Please make sure to read the audition requirements for the arts sub-pathway and contact the chair of the sub-pathway with any questions. Chair contact information is available here.  If you’re shadowing, you should make sure to touch base with the chair of the arts sub-pathway you’re auditioning for.

Acceptance and Your Spot at OSA 
If you’re accepted into a new arts sub-pathway, you’ll begin there on the first day of the 2024-25 academic year.  You’ll end the current academic year in your current sub-pathway. If you’re not accepted into another sub-pathway, you stay where you are. However, if you accept a spot in a new arts sub-pathway, you cannot return to your old one without another audition next year.  You must accept or decline by the established deadline.

Transfer Audition & Waitlist
Current OSA students are given the highest preference when it comes to enrollment. However, there are two reasons why you may be denied entry into your desired sub-pathway: 
  • You did not satisfy the audition requirements, or you did not score high enough in the audition.
  • There is not enough space in that arts sub-pathway and is placed on a waitlist.

If we have more internal transfers than we have space, we will do a random drawing of students to determine who will get a slot. OSA students who satisfied the audition requirements, but don’t get a space, will be put at the top  of that sub-pathway  waitlist.  

Mid-Year Transfer Request

This process applies to current OSA students who are requesting a mid-year transfer.

Students interested in moving to different pathway have the opportunity to audition each year. Internal auditions are held annually for transfer into a new pathway for the upcoming school year.  In rare cases, students can be transferred to a new pathway during the current school year. To be eligible for a mid-year transfer, students must meet the required criteria and follow the process outlined below.
Criteria to Request Transfer:
All of the following must apply
  1. Desired pathway has available space in grade level.
  2. Attends pathway classes at least 90% of the time.
  3. Letter from current pathway chair verifying consistent engagement and participation.
  4. Letter of interest written by student and signed by parent/guardian clearly articulating reason for pathway transfer. Letter must include compelling reason why a mid-year shift is necessary due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. medical situation, restraining order with another student)
  5. Successful audition into a new pathway.
    * Requirements and information about the audition by pathway are available on the OSA website.
  1. Schedule a meeting to discuss with the Director of Enrollment & Student Services.
  2. Approvals will be made by a panel  assembled by the Director of  Enrollment & Student Services for quarterly transfer when all criteria is met.
  3. *Panel will include: Director of Enrollment, Neutral Department Chair, Pathway Director
  4. If you don’t meet the criteria, the Director of Enrollment will implement a timeline for future consideration
  5. If the desired pathway does not have available space in grade level, your application will be valid at the start of each quarter.
Questions about the process- email