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Oakland School for the Arts

Value, Uplift, Honor

Oakland School for the Arts

Value, Uplift, Honor
Courses: Ensemble > Theory > Sectionals > Monday Electives > Classical and Jazz Guitar > Piano Program

Ensemble Courses
These courses are designed to give IM students an opportunity to play with each other and hone their musical skills in a group setting. Students are placed in level-appropriate ensembles through a placement audition at the beginning of the school year.


Theory Courses
This series of courses takes students through the basics of musical notation, rhythm and scales through an advanced understanding of chords, and chromatic harmonies. 
Sectional courses are intended to give students more individualized attention and instruction on their respective instrument. Sectionals are similar to a private lesson setting, but done in small groups. All MS and HS students participate in sectionals.
These courses offer students a way to go deeper into a genre or try something new, like writing their own songs.
This series of classes offers students opportunities to learn contemporary, jazz and classical guitar.
The Piano Program at OSA shall dually serve to groom fine overall players, including preparing students for interdepartmental/ interdisciplinary opportunities.