Oakland for the Arts is proud to serve as an Arts resource for the greater Oakland community by offering Step It Up, an extensive after-school arts instruction program for families and children throughout the year. Through this program and other community outreach initiatives, OSA is able to serve our local community with opportunities in the Arts.

All SIU classes are held after school Monday from 5-7 pm in the studios and classrooms of OSA.

Mission & History:
SIU was established in 2013 with the mission to make arts accessible to under-served city students and to identify and train students with potential to audition successfully for OSA.

Oakland School for the Arts is proud to serve as an accessible resource for arts education by offering Step it Up, a free after-school and summer bridge program designed to connect underserved Oakland youth to specialized arts instruction.

Step it Up offers free instruction in seven different art departments: Digital Media, Instrumental Music, Literary Art, Production Design, Theatre, Visual Art, and Vocal Music to youth in grades 5-8 who reside in the City of Oakland. Students learn foundational and technical skills, and are taught by professional artists and teachers from OSA. Students also learn audition techniques as well as portfolio building skills. Workshops are held once a week for 16 weeks on OSA's campus. Although participation in Step It Up does not guarantee entrance into OSA, there will be an OSA audition specifically for Step It Up students in the spring of each school year.

This year's goal for Step It Up is to reach 150 underserved elementary and middle school students who are artistically minded and interested in pursuing the arts, yet currently do not have access.

Please note: While participation in the Step It Up program is not a guarantee for enrollment each year, a substantial number of incoming OSA students have been trained through Step It Up.