We are in full adoption of the Common Core Math standards and have implemented curriculum from College Preparatory Mathematics in grades 6 - Algebra 2 this year.    

Click here to read more about what is changing in the math standards with the adoption of this national movement that was initiated by colleges and corporations and will be integrated into college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT.

The Middle School has been using this since 2012. We encourage you to go to the website (cpm.org) to see the research and history of this teacher developed curriculum.  It was established about 25 years ago and seamlessly supported the goals of Common Core Standards, which are to create the use of collaborative learning and discussions to derive the mathematical formulas we have simply told students in the past.

We encourage you to visit and see a classroom in action! 

Integration of the Common Core into daily activities

As a school, we are looking to prepare students to tackle real-life problems

This year’s Department goals are:

  • To ensure students experience the integration of Mathematical Practice in daily class activities
  • To measure student learning regularly and throughout all classes

Wish List

  1. TI-83/84 graphing calculators (used are acceptable)
  2. Upper level math tutors (Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus and Calculus)

Ways parents can help this student in subject area

  1. Go to the website and go to Homework Help for daily assignments
  2. Go to the CPM Parent Support link.  A Parent Guide is available for download and provides a more traditional presentation of topic with examples and extra practice problems.
  3. Encourage your student to teach you what they are doing.  Focus on their ability to explain the process of problem solving using academic language.  Remember to understand that with this type of learning, mastery may be more gradual depending on each student’s learning style and developmental