•Learn to read critically.
•Be able to write clearly and creatively.
•Develop effective speaking skills.
•Comprehend and evaluate literal and implied meaning in multiple forms of expression and media (e.g. written, oral, multimedia).

Each English class at OSA is shaped by the beliefs that language is the primary means through which people define themselves and their world, that reading inspires empathy and compassion, and that effective written and spoken communication is an essential tool both for individual success and the positive transformation of society as a whole. Although each course has a unique emphasis (American Literature, World Literature, Narrative Forms, Modernism, etc.), the classes share a common goal: to foster students’ abilities to investigate and synthesize information and to express themselves effectively through written, oral, and artistic means. We require students to use their artistic talent in order to access and enter into dialog with texts and to make positive contributions to the school community and beyond.  At every level, students are engaged in various forms of spoken and written expression, media and textual analysis, problem solving and critical thinking.