Here at Oakland School for the Arts, we strive to provide the middle school student a safe environment that supports their academic and artistic development. We are keenly aware of sensitivity needed to support the transition from elementary school as a progression for preparedness for high school.  Students are offered the opportunity to be stretched in areas in which they are strong and provided reinforcement and encouragement in areas in which growth is needed.  We seek to incorporate interdisciplinary skills that benefit various learning styles and talents and honor multiple intelligences.  Our goal is to develop a continuous progression of the autonomy of students through the sixth, seventh and eighth grades in preparation for success in high school and beyond.  With a small and devoted professional staff and unique student body, we are able to develop rapport and camaraderie that allows teacher-student interactions based on teaching the whole child and foster communication with parents and guardians as well.  As we continue to grow and attract students from an expanding segment of the Bay Area, we are confident that OSA will deepen its impact on the community we are in as well as the students' home communities.

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