Oakland School for the Arts’ High School Academic Program provides a comprehensive, college-preparatory experience for 9th-12th grade students.  Our goal is to have 100% of our students eligible to attend 4-year universities and prepared to be successful in a university or professional setting.  Our graduation requirements fulfill the University of California’s A-G requirements, ensuring that students will be eligible for admission to universities.  In addition, our curriculum is designed to help students meet the school’s Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR's).

College and Career Readiness

Our academic teachers collaborate to help students develop the skills and habits necessary for success in life beyond high school.  In each course, students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate these skills and each teacher has the particular skills and habits he/she is assessing defined in his/her syllabus.  Each quarter, we will have a schoolwide goal that teachers will assess in each classroom.  For quarter one, our goal is developing students into Active and Accountable Learners.

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