OSA DM 220

The School of Digital Media at Oakland School for the Arts

Oakland School for the Arts is a tuition-free charter school housed in the Fox Theater in Oakland, California. OSA balances an immersive arts program with a comprehensive academic curriculum, providing students unique opportunities for learning, expression, innovation and personal growth.

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Digital Media students learn current digital art skills including digital image creation and manipulation, computer art, filmmaking, animation, digital graphic design, and web design with an emphasis on portfolio preparation. Students participate in solo and collaborative projects, develop their portfolios and reels, and submit their work to festivals and contests year-round. Many Digital Media students also collaborate across emphases with classes and projects in music, theater, production, and visual art. Guest artists and teachers share a wealth of skills and style, and students are encouraged to share their skills with the school by filming and photographing events, designing artwork for performances and activities, hosting film and video projections, and developing the ever-popular OSA yearbook each year.

"Local Oakland youth win first place in a national film competition after submitting their documentary about the commercial sexual exploitation of minors in Oakland, CA. View the trailer and learn about why they wanted to focus on human trafficking so close to home."  by Seung-Yeon Choi, H.E.A.T. Watch

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Here is a link to a video titled “International Boulevard” produced by Zoe Yi and Rebecca Dharmapalan, then an 11th grade OSA students. Their video was submitted into a youth film festival and won. The students were flown to Harvard University to present their work.


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