OSA seeks out and embraces pedagogical approaches that challenge students to think, to communicate, and to act with authority and accountability. Faculty members in the core academic subjects are certified by the State of California. Arts practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds and bring with them enormous expertise and experience in their chosen discipline.

OSA has an outstanding college-preparatory academic program, which meets the requirements for University of California and California State University admissions. All students take English, History, Romance Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. Students concentrate on one area of art – Acting, Audio Production and Engineering, Dance, Fashion Design, Instrumental Music, Literary Arts, Production Design, Vocal Music or Visual Art.

Small classes allow for individual attention and personal training. Tutoring for core academic classes is also available and encouraged. OSA students also receive ongoing professional training from various East Bay arts organizations and practicing artists in the community.

The curriculum at Oakland School for the Arts is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and confident professionalism specified in our educational program to enable each student to:

• Be creative and innovative

• Develop techniques and skills in at least one artistic area

• Speak in their own artistic voices with authority

• Communicate effectively

• Develop and maintain a global perspective

• Satisfy college admissions requirements

• Seek solutions

• Think in an interdisciplinary mode