Who To Go To

If you are unsure as to who to go to for your specific concern or question - you can refer to this list for your answer.

The Ombudsperson is a neutral resource for students, parents, and staff to approach with complaints or concerns, including those regarding teachers and the administration. OSA’s Omsbudsperson is Randi Gallensen. Randi is not an employee of OSA and is empowered to investigate complaints about the school’s administration. Randi can be reached at rgallensen@oakarts.org
Academic concerns/questions -  Ms. Smith (ssmith@oakarts.org)

Alumni concerns/questions - Ms. Peters (mpeters@oakarts.org)

Attendance Information - Ms. Jones (attendance@oakarts.org) or 510-873-8800

College Counseling - Ms. Snyder (wsnyder@oakarts.org)

Enrollment/Auditions - Ms. Peters (mpeters@oakarts.org)

High School Discipline -  Ms. Zaugg (kzaugg@oakarts.org)

Emphasis concerns/questions:
Audio Prod & Engineering, Mr. Butler (kbutler@oakarts.org)
Dance - Mr. Savage (rrsavage@oakarts.org)
Digital Media - Ms. Duffy (jduffy@oakarts.org)
Fashion Design - Ms. Ricciardi (lricciardi@oakarts.org)
Figure Skating - Ms. Smith (ssmith@oakarts.org)
Instrumental Music - Ms. Menzies (cmenzies@oakarts.org)
Literary Arts - Ms. Karnes (jkarnes@oakarts.org)
Production Design - Mr. Revon (jrevon@oakarts.org)
Theatre - Acting - Mr. Travisano (mtravisano@oakarts.org)
Visual Art - Mr. Junge (ajunge@oakarts.org)
Vocal Music - Ms. Plette (mplette@oakarts.org)

Enrollment - Ms. Peters (mpeters@oakarts.org)

Facility concerns - Mr. Walter Harris (wharris@oakarts.org)

Finance - Ms. Palmore (kpalmore@oakarts.org)

Fundraising and media requests - Ms. Keslosky (kkeslosky@oakarts.org)

General information about OSA - Inquiry email (inquiry@oakarts.org)

School concerns/questions - Ms. Smith (ssmith@oakarts.org)

Arts Programs concerns/questions - Mr. Travisano (mtravisano@oakarts.org)

Human resources, employment - Ms. Cheatham (lcheatham@oakarts.org)

Meal/Lunch Funds - My SchoolBucks (OUSD lunch)

School Policies
Administrative - Mr. Köhn (bkohn@oakarts.org)
Faculty - Mr. Köhn (bkohn@oakarts.org)
Student - Ms. Smith (ssmith@oakarts.org)

Safety/security concerns - Ms. Cheatham (lcheatham@oakarts.org)

Special Education - Dr. Patz (cpatz@oakarts.org)

Student Leadership - Ms. Schultz (aschultz@oakarts.org)

Student records, Registrar, & Powerschool issues (login help) - Ms. Berwick (eberwick@oakarts.org)

Technology - Mr. Smith (ds@oakarts.org)
Student computer systems
Student web/email usage
Website updates/corrections
Email systems
Phone system