Oakland School for the Arts offers a unique combination of a college-preparatory curriculum and an immersive arts education. OSA embraces pedagogical approaches that challenge students to think, communicate, and act with authority and accountability. Our standards-based middle school curriculum is designed to prepare students for our high school. Our high school college-preparatory academic program meets the requirements for University of California and California State University admissions.

The academic program at OSA is designed to support students as they develop the skills, knowledge, and professionalism that prepare them for a variety of post secondary options. OSA graduates will:

Be creative and innovative
Develop techniques and skills in at least one artistic area
Speak in their own artistic voices with authority
Communicate effectively
Develop and maintain a global perspective Satisfy college admissions requirements
Creatively seek solutions
Think in an interdisciplinary mode

Over 95% of our graduates to date have transitioned into colleges and universities (80% to four-year schools). We provide a robust academic and college counseling program through our onsite advising staff as well as through our partnership with College Summit http://www.collegesummit.org. Click the link below for guest access our online college resource - Family Connection from Naviance.


An AP Guide can be found at http://media.collegeboard.com/homeOrg/content/pdf/2012-13AP_Bulletin_Students_Parents.pdf

OSA READS program has produced some grade specific bookmarks.