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OSA's KOSA Radio/Radio Broadcast dept has partnered with Oakland's Youth Radio. Thanks in part to OSA's Chief Business Officer Jonathan Faustine, KOSA Program Director Delores Thompson and Youth Radio's Chief Operating Officer Erik Sakamoto,  KOSA will now be sharing studio space at YR throughout the week.
"I am happy to extend our partnership with Youth Radio, last year we had the pleasure of utilizing the radio recording studio on Mondays which was exciting for our students to be in a real radio studio. The staff is very welcoming and helpful, I appreciate Erik Sakamoto and Music Director Ben Frost. This is an exciting time at OSA" says Delores Thompson. 
Stay tuned for the announcement of our new shows, coming soon.   
Weekday Programming
Midnight - Noon  Continuous Music
12 noon - 1pm  Artist Spotlight
1pm - 2pm  Spoken Intelligence
2pm - 6pm  Music
6pm - 7pm  Spoken Intelligence Talk Radio
8pm - 9pm  The Biz Talk Show
9pm - 10pm  Artist Spotlight
10pm - 11pm  The Flow
Special Shows:
Saturday - The Flow

Sunday - Sunday Classics
Sunday afternoon - All That Jazz

OSA Alum Angus Cloud, Class of 2016, is set to star along other OSA Alum Zendaya in an upcoming HBO pilot, "Euphoria".  OSA keeps producing stars in both academics and arts!