Oakland School for the Arts will prepare its graduates to be:

Effective communicators who:

  • Clearly articulate ideas and speak and write with eloquence and passion
  • Use appropriate communication in different environments
  • Listen to others with empathy and understanding
  • Demonstrate their artistic and creative voices
  • Accept and offer constructive criticism


Critical thinkers who:

  • Question ideas and analyze a variety of perspectives
  • Recognize bias and respond appropriately
  • Develop informed opinions while remaining open to other views
  • Use both imagination and logic in solving problems
  • Demonstate intellectual curiosity and discipline


Dynamic global citizens who:

  • Contribute to the community and value the contributions of others
  • Collaborate successfully to reach goals and create beneficial outcomes
  • Stay informed about world events; develop a sense of social responsibility
  • Reflect the community from which they come
  • Solve conflicts peacefully
  • Respect the physical and cultural environments of all people
  • Are accountable for their choices and actions
  • Demonstrate a high degree of integrity and character


Self-disciplined students and artists who:

  • Display pride and passion in their artistic and academic work
  • Demonstrate consistent effort and commitment through practice and focused study
  • Challenge themselves to achieve high standards in all endeavors
  • Appreciate and respect the artistic and academic efforts of others
  • Innovate and create in all aspects of their work
  • Move into adulthood with maximum opportunities and choices
  • Develop their own identity