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Volunteer Opportunities 2021-2022
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The Office of Advancement facilitates fundraising and communications to sustain and amplify the public, immersive arts education we offer here in the heart of Oakland. If you’re looking to make a difference alongside like-minded parents and community members, please join us as a volunteer!  

We are currently recruiting volunteers for two main events:

Heart of Oakland 
Spring benefit, student art showcase, and auction
April 28, 2022

Annual Fund Phonathon
Telephone-based fundraising drive to increase family participation to the Annual Fund
February 27, 2022

Read below and sign up today! Thank you so much for your generous support.  

Annual Fund Phonathon
Sunday, Febuary 27, 2022 

The Office of Advancement is looking for volunteers for this year’s Phonathon, to be held on Sunday, Feb 27 at 10am-12pm. The fundraiser will benefit the Annual Fund, which supports all students at OSA.
We are recruiting parents who are interested in sharing information about the Annual Fund and helping OSA work toward 100% participation from our families this year. 
As a volunteer, you would join the Phonathon virtually, over Zoom. PLEASE NOTE: This is now ONLY virutal.
You only need to provide your own cell phone, and ideally, be able to send and receive text messages. We will provide you with talking points, statistics, and breakfast!
To sign up, please reply to this email or fill out this form:
Phonathon callers will be supported by Crystal Pascucci, Associate Advancement Director. Feel free to reach out to her directly at cpascucci@oakarts.org.

Heart of Oakland
Thursday, April 28, 2022


Volunteer Roles - Sign-Up Here

  • Volunteer Coordinator
    Role: Strategize packages and curate item offering with Crystal Pascucci; communicate with procuring volunteers to track items solicited from businesses; send APT announcements requesting parent donations; follow up and delegate possible in-kind donations.

    Tools Provided
    : copy for all public announcements; copy for parent donation request; Google form for capturing parent donations.

  • Auction Item Solicitation Team
    Role: Solicit local businesses and OSA families for auction items (via email, phone or in-person); follow up on possible in-kind donations; coordinate updates with manager.

    Tools Provided: Contact list for local shops and businesses; messages for email solicitations; script for phone calls and/or in-person requests; Google form for inputting confirmed items.
  • Auction Item Organization Team
    Role: Collect auction items (pick-up, have delivered, etc.) and distribute to winners.

    Tools Provided: Contact information for in-kind donors; contact info for auction winners. “Thank you” messages and cards. 

  • Publicity and Marketing Team*
    Role: Assist with publicizing the event; Create public posts and newsletter blurbs

    Tools Provided: OSA talking points, previous posts for publicity, outlines for posts.

    *No prior experience is necessary, although we especially encourage you to join us if you have experience in marketing, PR, communications, fundraising or social media. 
Please feel free to contact Crystal Pascucci, Associate Director of Advancement with any questions at cpascucci@oakarts.org or call (510) 873-8819.