OSA Fiscal Year 2017/2018 (July 1 - June 30) Supporters

Donations to OSA support a new generation of creative Bay Area youth. OSA relies on this funding each year to make our immersive arts education possible for our students. We are grateful for the support of many families in our OSA community, Foundations, and  Corporations. The following is a list of our Supporters who have made gifts of $500 and greater. 

* Matching Gifts
↻ Recurring Gifts

President's_Circle_-_$100,000+ Card IconPresident's Circle - $100,000+Top of Page

Lytton Rancheria of California

Leader's_Circle_-_$50,000+ Card IconLeader's Circle - $50,000+Top of Page

Sierra Pacific Foundation
Arthur Rock and Toni Rembe Rock

Benefactor's_Circle_-_$25,000+ Card IconBenefactor's Circle - $25,000+Top of Page

Ann and Gordon Getty 
Bank of America 
Denny Abrams 
Gilead Sciences Inc. 
Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman 
Moss Foundation 
Rebecca and James Eisen 

Patrons_Circle_-_$10,000+ Card IconPatrons Circle - $10,000+Top of Page

AB&I Foundry 
Alma Gaoaen 
Another Planet Entertainment 
CAL FIRE Local 2881 
California Association of Highway Patrolmen 
Diane B. Wilsey 
FedEx Corporation 
Hashem Minaiy 
lnterPacific Group, Inc. 
Kaiser Permanente 
Larry Lee Hillblom Foundation 
Pacific Gas and Electric Company 
Pulte Group 
Resnick Family Foundation 
Ron and Marianne Dreisbach 
Rudney Associates 
Sara and Mike Khoury * 
Sharon and Christophe Le Duy 
Susan and Moses Libitzky 
T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.
Walmart Stores, Inc.
Wells Fargo Bank
Wescott Foundation

Curator's_Circle_-_$5,000+ Card IconCurator's Circle - $5,000+Top of Page

Albertsons/Safeway Companies 
Bandcamp Inc. 
Barona Band of Mission Indians 
California Apartment Association 
California Charter School Association (CCSA) 
California Commerce Club, Inc. 
California Fire Foundation 
California Hospital Association 
Continental Development Corporation Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy 
Doris & Donald Fisher Fund 
Foster Interstate Media, Inc. 
Geoffrey and Carolyn Watson 
Guthrie Dolin * 
Jessica Natkin and Blair Biddle 
John and Marcia Goldman Philanthropic Fund 
Karima Gammell and Duncan Brown 
Kim Collins and Jim Capobianco * 
Margaret Quattrin 
Martijn Cohen and Valerie Hamill * 
Michael and Lori Milken Family Foundation 
Miranda Lux Foundation 
Randi Protopappas 
Richard Richetta 
Rocio Haas 
Roger Gould and Cathy Wagner * 
Sippel Farb Family Fund 
State Building and Construction Trades Council of California 
Steve Allen ↻ 
The Clorox Company Foundation 
The Doctors Company 
United Airlines 
Wells Fargo Foundation 
Zenith Insurance Company

Leadership_Circle_-_$2125+ Card IconLeadership Circle - $2125+Top of Page

Albert and Shauna Olson Hong 
Alex and Haleh Cunningham ↻ * 
Amy Smith and Michael Harrison 
Angelica and Eric Matsuno 
Becky Pizer and Eric Ettlinger 
Bonnie K. Rousseau 
Caitlin Sweeney and Ian Britton 
California Community Foundation 
Chris and Lilly Krenn 
Chris Stubbs and Sandy Swing 
Christy and Ignacio Vaca * 
Danine and Ryant Diew 
David and Stacy Eisenmann * 
David Devlin 
David Hillman and Elizabeth Pauw ↻ 
Deidre T. Martin and Peter Yaroschuk 
Deirdre and Jason Freeman 
Dr. Dianne Rush Woods 
Dr. Susanna Gordon and Eli Rotenberg * 
Elaine Logue and Greg Gutbezahl 
Elissa Berall and Carl Gaard 
Elizabeth McKenzie and Garth Leerer * 
Frances Pizer 
Gary Spenik & Deborah White ↻ 
Heather Siglin and Maurice William Osser * 
House of K 
Igor Gasowski 
lsbrand Ho 
Jaime Maldonado & Cindy Ng ↻ 
James Marks and Ruth Marks 
Jean-Francois Racine and Anne Hebert 
Jeff and Lisa Songster 
Jeffrey and Romy Douglass * 
Jennifer and Robert Russ ↻ 
Jessica Strick and Erik Thogersen 
Joel and Katya Gerwein 
Jonathan and Jackie Dharmapalan 
Joshua and Anita Rotenberg 
Julie-Ann Cesareo and Tim Dense 
Karen Dufilho and Dan Rosen 
Kate Wadsworth and Stephen Baker 
Katherine Marx and Carl Stein 
Kevin Lancaster Memorial Fund 
Kristina and Robert Jones 
L. Kenneth Brooks
La Plazita Preschool
Lana and Andrew Hurteau
Laura Abrams and George Wolffsohn
Leslie and Owen Vaughan
Linda Jaskol and Steve Maclauchlan
Lisa Oberg and Scott Cohen
Lorie and Annemary Franks ↻
Marcus Hibser and Kelly Tabor
Margaret McAdam and Charles Stilphen 
Marisa and Ernest Johnson *
Mark Leeker
Matthew Crossland and Jennifer Crossland 
Matthew Novak
Michael Barr
Michael Hedrick and Julie Glass
Milica Mitrovich
Elise and Sayed Darwish
Nancy Malone and Bruce Brubaker
Nelson and Mika Max
Paul Greyson ↻
Peter Brodsgaard ↻
Philippa Roberts-Porter and Brian Porter
Pilar Strutin-Belinoff and Adam Feldman 
Robin and Martin Krizay
Romy Falck amd Julian Fountain ↻
Sharon Simpson
Sao Zee Park and Peter Birkholz
Supriya Pandit
Sven and Karin Jensen *
The San Francisco Foundation

Virtuoso_Circle_-_$1500+ Card IconVirtuoso Circle - $1500+Top of Page

Abby and Ariel Klein ↻ 
Adam and Deidre Abrons 
Angel and Scott Clifford ↻ * 
Anna Bahnsen 
Charlie and RJ Harrison * 
Christine and Brian Chrisman * 
Ellen and Martin Klein 
Eric and Pamela Trawick 
Esti and Udi Sosnik 
Francis Upton IV 
George Lucas Family Foundation 
Janeen Smith Mesa and Luis Mesa ↻ * 
Jean-Francois Revon and Theresa Bui 
Jeffrey Eckber and Gayley Stephenson 
Jennifer and John Lyell 
Joe Lachoff and Patricia Gima ↻ * 
Kathleen Barrett ↻
Lauren Lee and Scott Sao-Hoo * 
Lucella T. Harrison 
Martha Lyman * 
Melinda Parker and Eric Angstadt 
Mr. David Eifler and Ms. Rachel Morello-Frosch 
Natasha Haugnes and John Tuttle 
Nicole Jurjavcic 
Sean and Michelle Fitts ↻ 
Stefan Galvez-Abadia and Natalia Aurrecoechea 
Suvi Sharma and Meena Palaniappan 

Artisan_Circle_-_$500+ Card IconArtisan Circle - $500+Top of Page

Alessandra Mortola 
Alexandra Leban and Helga Sigvaldadottir ↻ 
Alina Remba and Domenec Jolis 
Amy Huang and Will Courtenay 
Anitra Clark and James Thomas ↻ * 
Ann Kawamoto and Michael Kinsley 
Ann Park and Stephen Trowbridge 
Barbara Luck and Charles Aquilina 
Barbara Mccollum and Tom Mccollum 
Benjamin and Melanie Marcus 
Benjamin Doyle and Anna Kingsley ↻ 
Beth Houghton and Chris Haag 
Bettina and Vincent Minoue 
Bobbie and Daniel Fernandez ↻ 
Brandon Weir ↻ 
Brian and Elizabeth Draper 
Brian Leonard and Eli Olson 
Bryan Ricks and Sara Ricks ↻ 
Carly Reynolds and Michael Reynolds ↻ 
Carol Treadwell and Sondre Skatter ↻ 
Charles Snyder and Lucille Harris 
Christine and Jeffrey Nygaard 
Christine Chan and Peter Chung ↻ 
Claudia Florian-Mccaffrey and John Mccaffrey ↻ 
Claudia Hung-Haas and Jengiz Haas 
Connie Amorde and Peter Melcher 
Corduroy Media LLC 
Cynthia and Jason Reimann 
Daniel and Victoria Chapman ↻ 
David Fore 
Denise and David Weinstein ↻ 
Deva Wolf ↻ 
Dominic Willsdon ↻ 
Donny Closson * 
Dora Pulido Tobiassen and Frank Tobiassen 
Dr. Bruce Lawrence 
Dr. Sonja Poole and Damone Poole 
Ebony and Raymond N. Manion 
Elizabeth Lyons and Jeff Thompson 
Elizabeth Ruhland and Joshua Miele ↻ 
Elliot Beaudoin 
Engine Works Inc. ↻ 
Eric Mount and Meera Fox 
Erica Tanov and Steven Emerson ↻ 
Esperanza Surls ↻ 
Evelyn Brocchini ↻ 
Falk Family Fund 
Fiona Grigg and John Connelly 
Gay Luster and Omega Brooks 
George and Mary Parks 
Greer Smith Colbert 
Gretchen Schuessler and Richard Danielson ↻ 
Heather and Andrew Gersh ↻ 
Helen Vozenilek and Judy Wolff 
Hilari Allred and Safiali Rouhi 
Howard Mah and Agnes-Trinh Le 
In Situ 
Jacob Lustig ↻ 
Jacqueline Kramer 
Jacqui Kariagin and Richard Dry ↻ 
Jane Henderson and Kevin Shea ↻ 
Janice Alamillo 
Jason and Patricia Crane 
Jeff and Lynn Glick 
Jennifer and James MacDaniel ↻ 
Jennifer and Jeffrey Smith 
Jennifer and Greg Tatem 
Jessica and Justin Wittmayer 
Jill Foley and Tom E. Zakim 
Jnana and Jeffrey Gowan ↻ 
Jo Ann Aita and Jason Lockwood 
John Calderon * 
John Inouye 
John Nakama 
Joni and Anthony Luce ↻ 
Jose Oliva 
Joshua Cohen & Ellen Eisen 
Josie and Ben Levi 
Julie and Michael Taylor 
Juliet Bashore and Chris Walker 
Karen and Daniel Shows 
Karen M. McClinchey and Bartosz M. Jaworski 
Karen Smith and Jordan Shapiro * 
Karen Wertman and Daniel Dal Corso 
Karin Hardison & Tracey Cosgrove * 
Kathryn and Bruno Kark 
Kathryn and Andrew Danish 
Katy Nunez-Adler and Jorge Nunez ↻ 
Katya Min and Paul Kim 
Kenn M. Adams 
Kris Bradburn & Jolie M. McRae 
Kriselle Caparas and Sorell Raina-Tsui ↻ 
Lila Sklar Harrison and Benjamin Conrad 
Lisa Nash and Robert Resnick 
Lisette and Trent Ruane 
Lourdes Haro and Cesar Barravino 
Maki Thomason and Aaron Thomason 
Marc and Leslie Duchesneau 
Marc Shaffer and Karen Eisenberg 
Marcia Raymond 
Margaret Schultz and Brian Z. Lewis ↻ 
Mary Krenn 
Megan Atchley 
Michael Baus 
Michael De Rosa ↻ 
Michael Dwyer and Lauren Schneider 
Michael Zukerman 
Michele and Jason Blackwell 
Mick and Cindy McCaffrey 
Mindy Rousseau and Efren Franco ↻ 
Miriam and Gerald Friedkin 
Roselyne C. Swig 
Myra Mitzman and Richard Doty 
Naama Raz Yaseef and Ofer Raz 
Naila and Ryan Jenson 
Natalie and Ronnie Chriss ↻ * 
Nedra and Shawn Ginwright ↻ 
Nicolette Bot-Sommer and Bob Sommer 
Nimaljeet and Cesar Tarango 
Omar Ortega 
Patti and Jason Crane 
Philanthropic Ventures Foundation 
PLAE, Inc. 
Rachel Brodie 
Rachel Estrella and Brian Kowal ↻ 
Raymond Marshall 
Rebekah Evenson and Dimitrios Kambouridis 
Red Dog Retreat ↻ 
Reid Buckley 
Richard C. Barker 
Rill Baldyga and Steve Miller 
Robert and Debra Sopkic 
Rolf Nelson and Maria Grazia De Angelis Nelson ↻ 
Ruth Greenberg ↻ 
Ruth Halperin ↻ 
Sarah and Nathan Stephens ↻ 
Sergio De La Torre ↻ 
Shahab Laal 
Shalom and James Bruhn 
Sherna Perez and Jose Perez Valls ↻ 
Stephanie Jacobs 
Stephanie Losee * 
Steven and Betsy Borg ↻ 
Steven and Janet Runyan ↻ * 
Steven Glazer 
Steven Young and Kelley Flynn ↻ * 
Susan Ketchner and Ben Schwartz ↻ 
Susanna Falk and Ashley Kennedy 
Sylvia and Michael Elsbury 
Tami Driver and Evan James Palmer ↻ 
Tara De Rosa ↻ 
Tara and Marc Runyan 
Teresa Taylor and John Metellus 
Theresa Vaillancourt 
Trudy Brown and Erich Metting Van Rijn ↻ 
Uiko and Eisuke Tsuyuzaki 
Valerie Chan 
Vicky and John Griffin