Diversity Initatives

Oakland School for the Arts is an artistic and intellectual community founded on diversity and inclusion. OSA embraces differences in culture, race, ethnicity, gender expression & identity, sexual orientation, Specific Educational needs, ability, socio-economic status, religion, nationality, immigration status, age, body type, and the many forms of life experience present in our community. All OSA stakeholders will promote these core values in practice and behavior.
Our goals for the year are:
  • Organizing targeted recruitment efforts to low-income and marginalized families of color, particularly those living in Oakland.  
  • Building internal OSA systems designed to support and retain students of color at OSA.
  • Growing our Step It Up Program by concentrating our outreach efforts to Title 1 schools in Oakland.
  • Ensuring OSA's Parents of Color and Board of Students of Color groups are connected to the larger OSA conversation surrounding Diversity and Equity at OSA.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff on issues surrounding cultural responsiveness, equity, and diversity. 
  • Creating pathways of communication and access for marginalized families both inside and outside of OSA. 
Questions? Please contact Cava Menzies, Diversity & Equity Coordinator