9th Grade

All freshmen are required to take English I.

All students must complete Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II to graduate (in that order). Students should enroll in the course that follows the most recently passed course.

All freshmen are required to take Health/Integrated Creative Sciences.

Language other than English
All students must complete a minimum of 2 years in the same language to graduate. A 3rd year is highly recommended by UCs. Freshman should enroll in either French I or Spanish I unless they have already completed the first year of either of these courses, have tested into a higher level course, or are taking a foreign language from another school. 
  • Spanish – Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish II (Honors), Spanish III, Spanish III
  • French – French I, French II, French III (Honors)
Other languages like American Sign Language are available off campus via concurrent enrollment through the Peralta System (Alameda, Laney, Merritt, and Berkeley City College). Many of these language courses offer 2 years of credit for each semester taken. Students who are interested in concurrent enrollment must check in with their grade-level counselor.
For our freshman, we offer a range of humanities based electives in addition to math and literacy support classes. Freshman schedules leave space for one elective. All students should choose one. There are limited spaces in each elective and spots are given on a first come, first served basis so be prepared to have a second choice in mind.
  • Art History – This course will look at art history through different lenses like social/political dissent and resistance, and cultural roots/rationales of artistic expression. Students will focus on building skills that allow them to write about, discuss, and analyze how art has affected things like society, politics, and the individual throughout history.
  • Contemporary Issues – By studying contemporary issues, the class will work on analytic skills that will allow them to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. Throughout the year, students will connect concentrated areas of study to larger themes like politics, the environment, and geography.
  • Creative Writing – This course for freshmen who enjoy writing creatively. In this class, students will play with language to tell stories and to understand them. Each project is designed to stoke curiosity, help students practice reading and writing in many genres (like fantasy, science fiction, memoir, mystery, and historical fiction). It also allows students to share their writing and ideas in a supportive, imaginative space.
  • Student Leadership - In this class, high school students of all grade levels will create the structure that provides student voice on campus. Through this channel student government will be implemented, student events will be planned, school assemblies will be organized, and peer leadership will be established. This class is not limited to students interested in student government and is open to all students interested in solidifying student voice on campus. Students who are in student government must sign up for Leadership.
  • Algebra Lab – This course is offered as a supplement to Algebra 1 for students who need extra support to be successful in math. Any students who feel they need help in this area are highly encouraged to enroll in this course.
  • Literacy Support - This course is offered as a supplement to English courses. Any students that may need support with reading and writing skills and strategies are highly encouraged to enroll.