7th Grade

English 7
This class includes reading, writing, listening and speaking, vocabulary development, and English language conventions. Students read a variety of texts, including novels, short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Students learn reading strategies and develop their writing skills in the following genres: argument writing, literature response and analysis, and narrative writing. Vocabulary study focuses on academic language and Greek and Latin roots. Listening and speaking strategies, including collegial discussion techniques, are emphasized during class discussions and oral presentations.
All students are required to take Core Connections 2 or Accelerated Pathways CC2/CC3
  • Core Connections 2
    This is the second of a three-year sequence of courses designed to prepare students for a rigorous college preparatory algebra course. It uses a problem-based approach with concrete models. The course helps students develop multiple strategies to solve problems and to recognize the connections between concepts. The lessons in the course meet all of the content standards and embed the “Mathematical Practices” of the Common Core State Standards
  • Accelerated CC2/CC3
    This course combines CC2 and part of CC3 under an accelerated program designed prepare students for the demands of the Common Core Algebra course and the associated national standardized testing over two years. The overall teaching goal is to prepare students for success in the higher levels of Common Core Math and to develop the "habits of mind"/problem solving skills that benefit other areas of their lives, while moving at a faster pace for students who are ready to do so. Sixth and seventh grade math are full of practical math skills that are part of daily life.
Social Science 7: Medieval World 
The 7th grade social science course covers medieval world history from 25 C.E. through around 1800 C.E. Students will learn about historical events and civilizations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central America, and South America during medieval times, as well as events and people associated with the Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Age of Exploration, and the Enlightenment.

Science 7: Life Science
The study of science in 7th grade is based on the relationship between structure and function in all living things. With this theme in mind, students will begin to explore life at the cellular level. We will learn the beginning concepts of genetics. We will explore evolution. Students will look at living creatures from viruses (living or not?) to bacteria, the study of ecology and our influence on all living systems in our environment. 

Physical Education
This course is designed in accordance with State of California mandated guidelines to provide our middle school students daily opportunities to exercise with emphasis on stretching, cardiovascular and core exercises.  Students focus on different activities throughout the year as well, based on a student survey of elected sports.