11th Grade

All juniors are required to take either English III or AP Language and Composition. In order to enroll in AP Language and Composition, students must complete the summer assignment and meet all other prerequisite requirements as communicated by the teacher.

Social Science
All juniors are required to take either US History or AP US History.
  • AP U.S. History Class requirement: Students must have a B or higher for BOTH semesters in World History. They must also complete the summer assignment and come in at the end of the summer to write an in class timed essay to determine their eligibility for the class.
All juniors must take a math course. All students must complete Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II to graduate (in that order). Students must complete all prerequisites before enrolling in the next course.
  • College Statistics Prerequisite- Passing grade in Algebra II
  • Honors Pre Calculus Prerequisite - Passing grade in Algebra II
  • AP Calculus Prerequisite – Minimum B- in Pre Calculus
All juniors must take Chemistry. The following science courses are also available to students that meet the prerequisite requirements (seniors have first priority for these electives):
  • Physics (Honors) - Honors physics is an algebra based physics course
    looking at how the physical world works. Topics covered include, linear &
    projectile motion, Newton's Laws, momentum, energy, & waves. This is a
    math-based course so students must have completed algebra 2 with a Bor
  • Environmental Science (Honors) - This course is an opportunity to explore environmental issues with scientific, social, political and economic lenses. Students will work with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the interrelationships of the natural world and use them to identify, analyze, and problem-solve environmental issues. Prerequisite grade of B or higher in Chemistry and a serious desire to delve into environmental issues.
Language other than English
All students must complete a minimum of 2 years in the same language to graduate. However, a 3rd year is highly recommended by UCs.
  • Spanish – Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish II (Honors), Spanish III, Spanish III
  • French – French I, French II, French III (Honors)
Other languages like American Sign Language are available off campus via concurrent enrollment through the Peralta System (Alameda, Laney, Merritt, and Berkeley City College). Many of these language courses offer 2 years of credit for each semester taken. Students who are interested in concurrent enrollment must check in with their grade-level counselor.

Elective Offerings *seniors have priority when signing up
  • Ethnic Studies (Honors) – This course is about the way race and ethnicity operates in the daily lives of Americans. As a class, we will analyze, discuss, and interpret a variety of media, predominantly texts, which depict the oppression and resistance of ethnic groups within the U.S. Students will end the year with a greater understanding of the systemic inequalities that thrive in our society and the actions being taken to counter these systems. Through extensive writing, analysis, and discussion, all students will improve their ability to process material at a college level.
  • Mock Trial - this elective teaches about the judicial system and how a trial actually works. The years starts off with an overview of our country's judicial branch and how it functions. Around October the class is assigned a “case” that students study in order to prepare to compete against other schools’ teams. Students act as lawyers, witnesses, and other courtroom players. They make a case on why their client should be found guilty or not. This course includes independent and group work and encourages students to have the best presentation of their case. After the trial competition is over, the class switches to debates. Students pick topics and have a wide range of debates against their classmates. This class is great for students who have an interest in the judicial system and want to do fun competitions. The only requirement is that students have a desire to be and participate in class, and participate in the competitions.
  • Student Leadership - In this class high school students of all grade levels will create the structure that provides student voice on campus. Through this channel student government will be implemented, student events will be planned, school assemblies will be organized, and peer leadership will be established. This class is not limited to students interested in student government and is open to all students interested in solidifying student voice on campus. Students who are in student government must sign up for Leadership.
  • Teacher’s Aide- Students that have a extra period and are not interested in taking an elective course can choose this option to assist a teacher in the classroom each day. If students have a preference for which teacher they work with, they can coordinate this with that specific teacher.