10th Grade

English (Honors)
All sophomores are required to take English II or Honors English II. The prerequisite for Honors English II is a minimum grade of 85% in 9th grade English or the recommendation of the teacher. Spots are limited for this class so it is important that students only sign up if they are certain they meet the criteria.

Social Science
All sophomores are required to take World History.

All students must complete Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II to graduate (in that order). Students must complete all prerequisites before enrolling in the next course.

All sophomores must take Biology. There are a few exceptions in which students have already taken Biology. Adjustments can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Language other than English
All students must complete a minimum of 2 years in the same language to graduate. However, a 3rd year is highly recommended by UCs.
  • Spanish – Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish II (Honors), Spanish III, Spanish III
  • French – French I, French II, French III (Honors)
Other languages like American Sign Language are available off campus via concurrent enrollment through the Peralta System (Alameda, Laney, Merritt, and Berkeley City College). Many of these language courses offer 2 years of credit for each semester taken. Students who are interested in concurrent enrollment must check in with their grade-level counselors.
Electives Offerings
Nearly all 10th grade students are required to take 5 core academic classes, therefore electives are typically not available to sophomores. For students that have a schedule that does not demand a 5th core academic class, the following electives are available:
  • Ethnic Studies (Honors) – This course is about the way race and ethnicity operates in the daily lives of Americans. As a class, we will analyze, discuss, and interpret a variety of media, predominantly texts, which depict the oppression and resistance of ethnic groups within the U.S. Students will end the year with a greater understanding of the systemic inequalities that thrive in our society and the actions being taken to counter these systems. Through extensive writing, analysis, and discussion, all students will improve their ability to process material at a college level. 
  • Student Leadership -In this class high school students of all grade levels will create the structure that provides student voice on campus. Through this channel student government will be implemented, student events will be planned, school assemblies will be organized, and peer leadership will be established. This class is not limited to students interested in student government and is open to all students interested in solidifying student voice on campus. Students who are in student government must sign up for Leadership.
  • Teacher’s Aide - Students that have a extra period and are not interested in taking an elective course can choose this option to assist a teacher in the classroom each day. If students have a preference for which If students have a preference for which teacher they work with, they can coordinate this with that specific teacher.