Concurrent/Dual Enrollment

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OSA is partnered with the Peralta System (Laney, Berkeley City, Alameda, and Merritt Colleges) to offer college courses to our students free of charge (11 credits or less). We are also working to offer some Peralta courses on our campus; we were able to bring Statistics to OSA this year and we hope to add more for the 19/20 school year! 
In order for our students to take these courses, they need to register for the Peralta System and fill out the enrollment form. The form requires students to have our counselor's and principal's signatures as well as the school seal before it can be submitted. Once students register and complete the form, they have to personally bring the document to the Peralta Campus where their course is located. 
Instructions for registration and the enrollment form are available at the link below; students can visit the Peralta site at to view the schedules for Summer and Fall 2019.