Concurrent/Dual Enrollment

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Dual and Concurrent Enrollment
What is it?
There are three ways to access college classes:
1. Attend a community college course taught on the OSA campus (dual enrollment)
2. Take a community college course online
3. Take a course at a community college (concurrent enrollment)
How can dual and concurrent enrollment benefit high school students?
What early college credit provides: 
1. Students have a larger selection of course choices
2. Students can earn college credits before they graduate
3. Students have more opportunity to be competitive in the college admissions system
OSA is partnered with the Peralta System (Laney, Berkeley City, Alameda, and Merritt Colleges) and Saddleback to offer college courses to our students free of charge (11 credits or less). We are also happy to announce that we are offering Statistics on OSA's campus taught through Berkeley City College. 
In order for our students to take these courses, they need to create a CCC account and complete the enrollment form for the college of their choice like Peralta or Saddleback. The form requires students to have our counselor's and principal's signatures as well as the school seal before it can be submitted. Once students register and complete the form, they have to deliver the document to the campus. Peralta requires students to walk the papers onto campus in person, while Saddleback accepts mailed submissions. 
Peralta Online Courses
Saddleback Online Courses
Saddleback Registration Information and Enrollment Form
*Please note that Peralta and Saddleback are separate from Oakland School for the Arts. To get credit for courses, students must request transcripts from Peralta or Saddleback and submit them to OSA. In addition, OSA does not oversee Peralta or Saddleback courses, grades, or staffing. For questions or concerns about classes, grading, or teachers, please reach out to Peralta or Saddleback.  
For a information and a video tutorial on how to log into a Peralta Course, visit this link:
For information on using Canvas for the Saddleback system (there are a lot of helpful video tutorials!)
For written instructions on how to log into Peralta and Saddleback courses, visit this link: