BAWAR will be implementing a comprehensive sexual violence prevention program at Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) from 2019 through 2023. This program is made possible by the Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) grant through the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). 
Additional program elements include trainings with OSA faculty and administrators regarding trauma-informed responses to sexual violence, as well as development of the school’s prevention policy  and Peer Educators Team - group of high school volunteers will be trained to deliver a modified, introductory Healthy Relationships curriculum to the 7th graders. Lastly, there will be school-wide awareness building campaigns, developed in conjunction with arts programming, as well as informational sessions with parents and caretakers throughout the school year. 

BAWAR is a sexual violence crisis center located in Oakland, and the agency has been serving survivors of sexual violence since 1971. Despite the agency’s name, BAWAR serves individuals of any identity, as sexual violence can affect anyone. BAWAR offers several services, including a 24/7 crisis hotline and accompaniment program. Please visit for more information on the agency’s services.

BAWAR Prevention Coordinator Laura Alberti is on site at OSA three days a week, teaching a healthy relationships curriculum to 9th graders, running a peer education program, developing SV/SH prevention policy, training staff and faculty on trauma-informed response to sexual assault, and offering general support to the entire community around these issues. 

Please feel free to contact Laura at or if you have any questions about the program. OSA is dedicated to fostering an environment free of sexual violence and harassment, and BAWAR is excited to be working with this unique community.