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A group of students posing for a group photo
  • 1st place: Set Design: Lilli Fore
  • 1st place for Fantasy Makeup - Neveah Trevino (model Isabelle Ho) Thunderbird
  • 1st place for Horror Makeup - Michaela Maloney (model Maya Young) Fur
  • 1st place for Costume Design - Zachary Fernandez Agamemnon
  • 1st place: Sound Design: Stewart Homans, Alawna Sullivan Jimenez, Mamiyana Brown, Kipper Fletcher 
  • 1st place: Lighting Design: Alawna Sullivan Jimenez, Thomas Ruane, Emma Shea, Ezra Gaskin
  • 2nd place: Set Design: Jalua Dell
  • 2nd place: Tech Olympic Relay: Mamiyana Brown, Thomas Ruane, Sara Wizig, Ezra Gaskin
  • 3rd place: Model Making: Jalua Dell, Evan Streshinsky, Sara Wizig, Kipper Fletcher