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The Literary Arts Department offers an inventive and intensive exploration of the art and practice of creative writing. Our program is a comprehensive, dynamic, and innovative introduction to literary genres, styles, and techniques driven by a faculty who are both dedicated teachers and practicing, published writers. Rigorous, craft-oriented writing workshops—with literature and literary analysis folded into the curriculum—comprise the core of our program. 
Literary Arts courses are differentiated to allow students at all experience and accomplishment levels to feel comfortable yet challenged. Courses include readings intended to inspire students via a diverse array of writers, both traditional and experimental, contemporary and canonical, from many intersecting cultures and identities. Literary Arts also focuses on project-based and collaborative learning, and students get hands-on experience in editing, designing, and producing publications. 
Jordan Karnes, Chair, Literary Arts
Amelia Whitcomb, Instructor
Nam Le, Instructor

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Literary Arts Publications & Media
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Our current Literary Arts print and online publications are: 

OSA Telegraph: Class-produced online journalism site featuring articles, essays, interviews and more. Students work as writers, editors, proofreaders,and group leaders and also learn marketing and podcasting. 
Senior Books: Lit Art’s penultimate, capstone class led by Jordan Karnes. Lit Arts seniors write, edit, publish, and promote their books in about 9 months. This includes regular workshops, one-on-one conferences, and of course deadlines! Come second semester, students meet once a week with CCA student mentors who will provide a full read/edit of their manuscripts, and have the opportunity to collaborate with a CCA designer on the cover of their book. Check back in May for the class of 2021's new books!
KOSA Radio: High energy, on the spot, live student broadcasting led by Dr Thompson. KOSA Broadcasting trains students on the daily workings of radio i.e. programming, music selecting, script writing and show hosting. They learn to produce live broadcast talk shows and develop their on-air personality. The course provides the opportunity for students to learn basic journalistic and technological skills to be used in career choices and radio & television productions.