Piano Program

The Piano Program at OSA shall dually serve to groom fine overall players, including preparing students for interdepartmental/ interdisciplinary opportunities. The piano curriculum will support students’ soloistic development as Classical and Jazz players with technique and repertoire assigned. In addition, it will prepare students for respective group participation through a range of ensemble placement. A private teacher for each student is optimal, however, in the case where the student is without a private teacher, a commensurate program of repertoire shall be assigned as appropriate to the individual’s level and circumstance. IM Piano students are highly encouraged to participate in our many ensemble course offerings available in our department. Piano students that participate in ensembles will also have the opportunity to have solo time on their instrument. If, for a specific reason, a piano student does not wish to take part in our ensemble offerings, a formal request will need to be submitted by both student and parent via email to Emily Tian (etian@oakarts.org) or Nick Kanozik (nkanozik@oakarts.org). If deemed appropriate and approved by all faculty above, the student may participate solely in the piano program during ensemble time.