The School of Dance at OSA partners with Savage Jazz Dance Company (SJDC) and San Francisco Ballet School (SFBS) to provide multiple opportunities to students including:

  • Professional instruction, workshops, & masterclasses provided through regular faculty as well as guest teachers and choreographers, through our connection with SJDC & SFBS;
  • SJDC's After School Program, providing access to high caliber dance training, at discounted rates, to the OSA Community and beyond;
  • Opportunities to perform in the community, afforded to select OSA School of Dance students through SJDC's connections and reputation in and around the Bay Area
  • Opportunities to apprentice and perform professionally with Savage Jazz Dance Company for select students demonstrating talent, drive, hunger, and professionalism.
Through our professional connection and partnership with Savage Jazz Dance Company and San Francisco Ballet School, School of Dance students have the opportunity to form real-life connections to working professional artists and pre-professional artists in training, helping to reinforce and make tangible the professional standards, conduct, and approaches to their craft that is expected of them. 
Over the years, OSA's connection with Savage Jazz Dance Company has proven to be an invaluable driving force for the students: being a point of inspiration, offering real-life applications to their practice, and being a source of pride that has allowed students to grow as people and as young dance artists. Savage Jazz Dance Company has been a professional organization that the students have used not only as a point of entry into the professional dance world, but also as a source of growth to become young people whom parents, Oakland School for the Arts, and the City of Oakland can be proud.