In its 19 years of existence, OSA has experienced many challenges that have all seemed insurmountable. Each time, the OSA community has come together and not only survived but kept the focus on the mission.  Today, we are calling on our community and supporters for help during this unprecedented time. 
Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, our building remains closed. As a result, we have had to cancel fundraising events, performances, exhibits, and other traditional appeals that together, make up about half of our overall fundraising needs this year. 
Please help us to recover funds lost due to the impact of the current circumstances we all currently face. Your support allows us to continue to serve over 800 Bay Area students, now, remotely. As a non-profit organization employing over 100 teachers, administrators, and staff, OSA relies on your support year after year.  We are grateful for the opportunity to provide a public arts education. Please consider donating what you can to provide critical support for Oakland School for the Arts.





The Arts are Alive at OSA

Shifting arts instruction and practice to the virtual space would have been unthinkable before our shelter-in-place reality. After all, our design and visual arts are dependent on materials only found at a school site, and the performing arts are often highly physical and/or ensemble-based. But we’re doing it! Through a combination of live virtual class sessions and guided remote lessons, students are practicing their craft while being at the forefront of adapting the arts to a purely virtual space.

Keeping OSA’s Community Involved

During these times, communication is vital. OSA is committed to keeping communication strong with our community by sending weekly and monthly newsletters that include highlights in all departments, important announcements, and earned accolades by members of our community.

OSA Works To Serve Students

Our remote learning plan was designed by a team of faculty members during the month of June. They worked together to provide students with a balance of arts and academic class time and opportunities to access support. 1-on-1 and small group support will be provided for students with learning difficulties, English language learners. Additional support staff and instructional aides will be able to push into online classrooms.  

Supporting the Whole Student

Creating a remote learning school means we have to work even harder to connect our students to support and services. The Student Support Team meets weekly to identify possible interventions and support strategies and updating our Family Resources Website: OSA RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES
OSA will continue to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of students, family, and staff as we continue to participate in remote learning for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.  Drop-in high school and middle school groups allow students to talk to peers about in a group with facilitation from an adult to keep the space safe students want and need support.
Drop-In Family Support Groups provide time and space for parents to check-in and talk about the challenges of parenting during distance learning.

Engaging OSA’s Student Community 

Student-Run Clubs, Weekly Grade Level Meetings, and Monthly Assemblies are in place to help our students stay informed about and connected with OSA, and one another, despite the limitations of remote learning. Club leaders, along with their faculty advisors, have created Google Classrooms that list Club announcements and the Zoom links to attend the meetings at the designated weekly day and time. Zoom links for Grade Level Meetings and Monthly Assemblies are sent out to students through their OSA emails.

Faculty Go Above and Beyond

Our faculty are stepping up in unprecedented ways to ensure our students’ success while also playing crucial roles outside of OSA. We will be deploying Chromebooks and mobile hotspots to any student/household who is in need of this technology. Any students who do not show up to classes will be contacted to determine if there is a technological need in their household. If a family is unable to travel to campus to receive appropriate technology, a member of our staff will deliver the technology to the home of the student. Many members of our staff also spent a significant amount of time over the summer to move our school structure to a remote platform through a revised curriculum, a unique schedule, and new communication and technology tools.




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