Executive Director
Mike Oz, Executive Director
With his multi-generational family history in the Oakland arts community, Mr. Oz has a strong sense of pride as a long standing member of OSA. Soon after joining OSA in 2006, Mr. Oz's commitment to creating an inviting school culture and equitable educational experience for all students led him to be part of the leadership team in 2009, spending 6 years as a school Principal. As Executive Director he will assume additional management responsibilities. His immeasurable love for OSA and vast institutional knowledge will guide him as he leads the school forward. Mr. Oz is humbled by this opportunity and optimistic about meeting this challenge.
2022 Areas of Focus:
- Equitable and Inclusive School Climate
- Reach Tentative Agreement with COSATS
- Improve Communication and Transparency with Stakeholders
- Address Current HR Needs
- Financial Sustainability
- Address Current Facilities Needs