Encore (MS)

Assigned Faculty: Cava Menzies
Course Description:

Encore is an advanced audition-only Middle School a cappella ensemble, made up of 6 - 10 students, grades 6th – 8th.   Students in this ensemble will be exposed to a wide variety of complex 4 to 8-part choral arrangements. The primary emphasis will be on learning contemporary repertoire from the soul, pop, rock and R&B idioms. The style of arrangements will pull from the contemporary a cappella model, in which there are one or two lead vocalists, backed by singers imitating the sound of instruments. Encore will differ from our advanced high school ensemble, Vocal Rush, in that they will not feature vocal percussion. Encore is a repertoire-driven ensemble and requires learning music at a quick and advanced steady pace. Students will need to spend a great deal of time outside of class learning Encore’s repertoire and should put in approximately 3 – 5 hours a week of outside preparation for the course. As well, students will have to do regular exercises and drills to maintain their theory and aural skills as they pertain to the repertoire at hand. Encore will perform semi-frequently at the school, as well as out in the community, and students are expected to handle the demands of a moderately busy performance schedule. In addition, students in Encore are expected to be exceptional leaders and role models in the School of Vocal Music, both in artistic merit and personal character.