Music Theory III

Assigned Faculty: Lisa Forkish
Course Description:

Music Theory 3 expands upon topics covered in Theory 2, further developing the students’ knowledge of chord structure and application, composition, arrangement, sight-singing and ear training. Through completion of homework, in-class assignments, composition and arranging projects, students will gain competency in spelling of all types of 7th chords, chordal tensions/upper structures, melody writing and harmonization. Students will listen to different styles and genres of music as presented in listening exams, and will further develop their ears through interval, triad and 7th chord identification, as well as short dictation quizzes. In addition, students will continue work on chromatic sight-singing and further develop their musical ear by singing back and identifying intervals and chords. All students are expected to contribute to the class by internalizing lecture materials, taking notes, completing in-class and homework assignments and contributing to class discussions.