Chamber Choir

Assigned Faculty: Cava Menzies
Course Description:

Chamber Choir is an “audition only” intermediate high school ensemble at OSA. This choir is open to all 9th 12th graders, provided that they pass the entrance audition. Students in the Chamber Choir are exposed to wide variety of ensemble repertoire from a variety of genres and geographical locations. Most of the music sung in Chamber Choir consists of 4 8 part harmony , and students are expected to read music proficiently and hold their part with ease. Ear training and sight-reading heavily emphasized in order to prepare students for the advanced high school ensemble, V ocal R ush. Chamber Choir students also develop tone quality , genre versatility , vocal control, and stage presence as a soloist while participating in the group. Chamber Choir will have fairly regular performing opportunities and students are expected to handle the demands of a moderately busy performance schedule. As well, students in Chamber Choir are expected to be exceptional leaders and role models in our department both in artistic merit and personal character.