Music Theatre Choir

Assigned Faculty: Lisa Forkish
Course Description:

This choir is an ensemble that will study and perform the great music that has emerged from musical theater. One of the most exciting aspects of this select repertoire is that it is some of the most beloved music of this country. Musical theater is a tradition born in this country out of vaudeville and musical revues and the Greek Amphitheatre! We will explore musical theatre from the beginning of the last century to the exciting evolution of the now popular pop and rock musicals. Also included in the repertoire will be some important music from film and television. We will explore the performance traditions, styles and “art’ of the musical. Students will also be introduced to the vocal requirements of musical theater. One of the major strengths of this focus is that it gives our students an opportunity to expand their vocal performance to drama, movement and storytelling. It also looks into the behind-the- scenes workings of a production – directing, playwriting, producing, staging.