Contemporary Dance 3 & 4

Assigned Faculty: DANCE FACULTY
Course Description:

This class concentrates on the further development of strength, alignment, stretch, flexibility, control, coordination, and breathing, with an increased focus on compositional and improvisational skills, aiming to produce modern dancers with the technical capacity to adapt to the wide variety of choreographic styles in the field today. Providing contemporary dance training (in Horton and/or Dunham techniques) with an emphasis on establishing a strong, traditional technical foundation while avoiding stylization in movement, classes consist of multi-level and spatial combinations intended toward developing a technically at ease dancer/performer.

Students are expected to consistently demonstrate and exemplify the attributes of a professional dance student:

·      A strong mature and professional attitude toward their art, their academics, and their lives

·      Leadership behavior through the embodiment of the daily required etiquette in class and rehearsal

·      The full understanding that only through honest assessment (both from the students themselves and their instructors) can genuine improvement occur and the consequent relentless desire and seeking out of challenges and honest feedback

  • The mind-set of a disciplined and powerful performer

Guest master teachers will expose students to styles and techniques not emphasized in the daily curriculum.